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Bannered Mare are based out of Galway, Ireland and have a unique sound, smoothly blending  intricate Math Rock and anthemic choruses with gentile moments of folky reflectiveness.


The style they have developed chops and changes at break neck speed to cart the listener away. 

Bannered Mare have two EP's out currently. The first, titled 'Gizzards' is a meloncholie and reflective record that dissects loneliness and the mistakes that lead to it. Gizzards was a step in a new direction for Bannered Mare which ultimatley lead them back to their musical roots on the second release, titled  'Fear of missing out'.

Fear of missing out is a record about maintaining happiness and a good head space, while seeing  friends and peers progress in life while feeling that he was stuck in the mud. The record is full of big movements and a whole lot of energy.


All of Bannered Mares records are released on Indie label 'Umbrella Records Ireland' and were recorded at his home studio, Maricahi Studios.


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